Despite ancient use of certain herbs, it always takes testing from “conventional” or western scientists and doctors to bring its values to light. Even with the attention these medicinal herbs can garner, large pharmaceutical companies would prefer for you not to know just how beneficial these herbs are compared to traditional medicine. An example of this is the herb, brahmi, which as been used to treat the brain.

Brahmi-The Ancient Herb With Effective Health BenefitsRecently, there have been two trials done by western scientists to display how brahmi can help enhance memory, decrease bouts of anxiety, and alleviate tension. Both trials were done over a 12 week period and the subjects showed significant results. Every person in the study showed an increased improvement of recollection and also comprehension even if only small doses of brahmi was used.

Another interesting result in the 12 week use of this herb was the great decrease in anxiety and also depression. Other studies and tests have also confirmed this herb can improve focus while calming the person’s mind simultaneously.

Brahmi is considered a safe type of herb. This means that this can be consumed in large doses without people having to worry about side effects. For people who are suffering from a lack of focus, lapses of memory, or cognitive malaise, brahmi is a great option to help alleviate these symptoms. The reason why it helps to calm the mind is due to its ability to increase the production of serotonin.

Since brahmi has showcased results in help to combat memory lapses, animal studies have also been done to see how it combats certain mental diseases such as Parkinson’s. When brahmi was given to a rodent, the herb had not only increased the antioxidant activity in the frontal lope, but almost the entirety of the brain, including the section, hippocampus, which stores the memory.

Brahmi-The Ancient Herb With Effective Health BenefitsAccording to practitioners that use brahmi to help patients, the herb is not at all addictive. There are also no side effects that have been recorded either. For people who find themselves suffering from insomnia, brahmi has been documented to help people sleep better and in some cases eliminate their insomnia. Individuals who suffer from disorders such as ADD can also find some relief if they take brahmi. Since the herb helps to give an edge to focus and mental alertness, people with ADD may find themselves being able to concentrate more when taking brahmi.

If you or someone you know has been suffering from ailments such as anxiety, stress, lack of focus, memory lapses, or even brain fog, perhaps you should look into taking brahmi. This herb has displayed to help improve and alleviate all these specific cognitive symptoms. Not only is it not addictive, this herb is affordable as well. People who take this herb consistently/daily can see improvements in a little as a few weeks. If you can, it’s best to avoid the quick answers such as synthetic medication which can leave you with horrible side effects. Brahmi is something that can be used by anyone, all ages and genders.

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