Nootropics have been becoming increasingly popular. You may have even seen nootropics being sold as the new “smart drug” or drugs. But what are they exactly? If you are interested in learning more about nootropics, here is a quick summary and guid.

Drugs or supplements that improve mental capabilities are considered to be nootropics. Not only do these smart drugs increase focus, they have also been claimed to help improve memory as well. Nootropics are used to protect the brain from certain cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s by protecting and preventing symptoms such as memory loss. People who have also suffered damage to the brain, whether it be through substance abuse or defects have also been interested in incorporating nootropics into their routine as well.

Where did nootropics originate?

What You Should Know About NootropicsOne of the first forms of nootropics was not meant to help improve or enhance mental capability. Originally it was meant to be used as a sleeping remedy. However studies and tests in animal subjects concluded that the specificed drug did not make the subject sleepy or drowsy.

Instead of causing sleepiness, the drug studied was sued helped to alleviate and prevent other symptoms and effects. Ailments such as vertigo and motion sickness were prevented and eliminated. Studies in animal subjects also concluded the subjects learning ability increased and that Piracetam also aided in protecting subjects that suffered from certain neurological conditions.

The word, nootropics was created in 1972. It is the combination of two Greek words, noos and tropos. The literal translation of the two words means mind and turn. In order for a drug or supplement to be defined as a nootropic, it needs to have certain positive cognitive influences and effects including:

  • A positive and also direct effect on the brain
  • The aid to restore and also treat certain issues when dealing with complex brain activity
  • The enhancment of both memory and learning skills
  • Help to increase memory in both long and short term memory
  • Help to protect the person’s brain from both chemical or physical injuries
  • The aid in improving muscle memory or control
  • Little to no side effects, which means those who take it will not experience certain side effects such as drowsiness.

What You Should Know About NootropicsDrugs that make a person drowsy or those which are addictive are not and should not be considered nootropics. Remember, nootropics do not have harmful side effects.

Nootropics are not only beneficial in helping those with mental diseases or ailments. Healthy individuals who have take a form of nootropics have also noticed beneficial and affirming results as well.

Certain nootropics affect acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which involves both memory and learning. They can also affect other neurotransmitters and help to alleviate symptoms such as depression and also anxiety.

Which should you choose?

If you are interested in taking nootropics, it will be best to do research to ultimately decide which one is best for you. There are many factors to consider, including the speed, strength, and also the financial cost of the drug. You should also take into consideration why you want to take a form of nootropics. Always remember to speak with your doctor and also to only take the recommended dosages.

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