People have many purposes for using nootropics. Some people choose to use Piracetam in order to improve their concentration. Other people may use them to give them a boost in their mood. Still others use them to improve their athletic performance. It is becoming more evident that the usage of these supplements shouldn’t be limited to people just wanting to enhance their performance. Now, if the elderly can benefit, there is an entire other generation of individuals that will be able to benefit from the mental and cognitive boost that is realized from these supplements. Many scientists are investigating the possibility that specific nootropics may improve the quality of life of the elderly. Many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease will diminish with the help of certain nootropics. Keeping the elderly in mind, there are some specific clinical trials that have given hope that these supplements have the potential to help with cognitive issues.

There are a number of clinical trials that need mentioning:

Nootropics for Elderly People1. Piracetam may be able to help Cognitive Recovery– Coronary surgery may create some cognitive issues as older patients are recovering. A team of researchers reviewed studies from 2014. They concluded that if patients were given Piracetam, they performed better in tests on cognitive brain function. This led them to believe that giving Piracetam to all elderly could help individuals that may need help with basic short-term memory tests.

2. Noopept may minimize the impact of Alzheimers’s Disease- Many scientists have observed that there is a significant benefit to the elderly who are in the early stages of the disease. In 2008, Alzheimer’s disease was purposefully given to test rats. They were given Noopept immediately for 7 days. Another set wasn’t given the supplement for 15 days after onset. Results indicated both sets were positively affected by the Noopept meaning the supplement can help for both early and later stages of the disease.

Nootropics for Elderly People3. Elderly showed an improvement in object recognition- Object recognition is one area that shows deterioration as both animals and humans age. In 1996, there was a study that explored just this issue. First testing was done to show that elderly rats could not recognize objects as well as younger rats. Once this was determined, scientists split the groups up into control groups and test groups. Both had all age ranges accounted for. The rats were given varying amounts of Aniracetam to the test group. Those rats were able to differentiate between objects. Groups that were administered Oxiracetam also experienced the same results.

This study gave excellent proof that Oxiracetam and Aniracetam boosted memory. They further suggested that elderly humans may exhibit similar results.

As the trials showed, Noopept, Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam are some nootropics that have been tested and proved to enhance cognitive performance in animals and humans. People of any age can benefit from the boost in cognitive performance. It is especially encouraging to know that elderly that exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well as those recovering from coronary surgery may benefit from these supplements as well.

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