One of the little known qualifications of a nootropic is that is has little or no side effects. So just by definition alone, if a drug is properly classified as a nootropic, there should be minimal side effects. Once you have decided to take a drug to improve your memory, there are some smart drugs that can be used to achieve just that. Most neuro enhancers will have some side effects but they are usually mild and rare.

Side effects of racetams

Piracetam is one of the most popular smart drugs that are known for improving your memory. It is a derivative of a GABA neurotransmitter that was designed to boost memory using many brain systems. Studies have revealed improved cognitive ability in both humans and animals. This has been proven through numerous tests. Tests for toxicity and side effects have been performed also.

Common  Side Effects Of Nootropics30Even if someone consumed several times the recommended dosage for piracetam, there is not real potential for harm. Experiments have been performed giving animals 400 times the dose of this nootropic drug and no irreversible health effects resulted. There have been numerous toxicity experiments performed over the past 20 years and there have been consistent conclusions that piracetam is harmless. This should give most people the confidence to take this drug without any fear of any harm coming to their brain or body.

However, there may be a few unexpected effects that you may want to look out for. Headaches are the most common side effect people report when taking piracetam. Not everyone gets them, but it has been found to be more common in people who don’t get enough choline in their diet.

Brain fog is another effect that may result from consuming piracetam. Scarcely, nausea is reported when using racetams as well. A few other examples of racetams that give little or no side effects are oxiracetams and aniracetam.

Side effects of natural nootropics

Common  Side Effects Of NootropicsIf you are looking to improve your memory, piracetam or other racetams aren’t the only nootropic solutions. There are some nootropic drugs used to enhance memory that is completely natural. An assortment of benefits for your memory can be achieved by ginkgo biloba. This is a plant-based natural supplement and completely natural. Three different studies have given solid evidence overwhelmingly proving the extract to be better than the racetams. Side effects for ginkgo biloba have been reported to be minor. Some examples of the side effects are headache, dizziness, stomach upset, and possibly allergic skin reactions.

These side effects are similar to the common drug known as caffeine. Both piracetam and ginkgo biloba have been proven to enhance memory in humans and animals. Most people will agree that this is a very important goal because it improves your quality of life on so many different levels. If your goal is to surpass your peers in all walks of life, than take advantage of the modern technology we have developed and partake in whatever you need to succeed. You can feel safe and secure that these supplements have been thoroughly tested and they are safe to consume so relax and enjoy the advantages you can achieve by these smart drugs.

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