Be Patient When You Begin Using Nootropics

Nootropics are not magic pills, so don’t think that they are going to begin working immediately. If this was true, the whole world would be using them. Many people think they should see immediate results as soon as they begin using them. If you remain patient and pay attention to your body, you will begin to see signs of improvement in your cognitive activity. Many people give up too soon and just say they don’t work instead of waiting and watching.

Nootropics can be effective, but you have to give them a chance.
With that said, be confident in the many studies that have been conducted proving the effectiveness of nootropics in both humans and animals. Don’t let yourself think that the improvement is all in your head. Studies show that these products work. Remember that and don’t give up using them too soon.

Patience is so important even if you don’t see a change

Nootropic Tips For BeginnersWhen you first start using nootropics or a nootropic stack, you may not feel the effects immediately. Do not become discouraged. As time goes by, you may want to get discouraged, but hang in there. Honestly, many racetam nootropics accumulate in the body and you will begin to see improvement over time. An example of this was shown in one study. It concluded that after 7 days of being treated with piracetam, learning had not improved much. After 14 days, there was significant improvement in learning.

Another option you may want to consider is using a much higher dosage to start. This is called taking an attack dose. You will ingest a larger dose at first and then for a few days after. This will result in getting your body “primed”. The recommendations are to not do this if you are new to nootropics because they can be hazardous in high doses. Racetams are the only product that may be tried in higher doses but please be careful and pay attention to your body.

Understand how your body metabolizes the substances

Every nootropic acts differently in your body. They all absorb at different rates into your system and they all metabolize at a different rate. How racetam dissolves may have an effect on how you take it. If the racetam is water soluble, you should take it on an empty stomach to get the best effects. It will absorb extremely quickly into the intestines. If the racetams are fat soluble, you need to take them with food so most will be absorbed.

People who take other drugs have to be aware of any possible interactions. Some of the nootropics can have interactions that have negative effects. For example, oxiracetam may lose its effectiveness if it is used in conjunction with valproic or carbamazepine acid. Or, piracetam should not be taken with warfarin or there will be negative consequences. Mixing your MAO inhibitor with phenylalanine can be very dangerous. Also, Tylenol and adrafinil taken simultaneously can cause liver damage. Interactions can be possible with any substances and most of the time they are minimal. Because of these possibilities, make sure your doctor is aware of any substances you are taking.

Keep Trying Different Combinations Until You Find One That Works With Your Body

Nootropic Tips For BeginnersCreating your own nootropic stack specifically for your needs may amplify the effectiveness of the nootropics overall. For example, combining an acetylcholine booster with a racetam is usually a great start. This can prove to be helpful or hurtful depending on the specifics of your body chemistry. You must experiment with different combinations until you find one that works for you. There are forums available that can give ideas on what combinations may have worked for them. Some nootropic communities offer many suggestions but you must understand what works for some may not work for others. That is why experimentation is the key.

Nootropic Powders are Worth Learning About

There are some interesting posts on the internet that give beginners great ideas and tips for using nootropic powders. A scale is not necessary to use the powder but if you are a perfectionist, by all means, get one. One of the worst complaints about the powder is the taste. Some are very bitter while others are sweet or sour. If the taste is unbearable after trying them with substances such as juice, you can attempt to put them in capsules by yourself. This is not very expensive and there are sites online where you can purchase machines for capping. This can be done fairly quickly and very efficiently if you choose to go this route.

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