Nootropics supplements are very popular for people that are searching for a surge in brain activity or an elevation in mood. But they do far more than that. There are studies being currently performed examining if they may be able to help patients with many different conditions. Among these conditions are social anxiety and maintaining memory.

According to some websites, an excess of 29,000 studies have been published that include nootropics in some way. Regularly, you can find newly completed studies about these supplements. It is important to stay current with new findings so that as many people as possible can get the correct and most up-to-date information possible. This way, people can be assured they have the best information to base their decisions on when it comes to deciding whether to put these products into their body.

Recent Nootropics Studies

Recent Nootropic Discoveries

The effect of Rutin on Cognitive Functionality

a. Rutin is a natural herb that is classed as a nootropic but not normally sold as one. It is a bioflavanoid but has the same properties as nootropics. In India, there was a study conducted to see if this nootropic supplement might help patients with epilepsy improve their intellectual function.

b. Certain medications given to help epilepsy can sometimes cause a decrease in cognitive function. Scientists are trying to use fish and animals as subjects to search for ways to avoid this side effect.

c. They gave Zebrafish a dose of the Rutin prior to their normal anti-epileptic medication, and then observed their behavior. The fish seemed to behave normally and showed no ill effects from the medicine. The research concluded that the Rutin was responsible for protecting cognitive issues that may be impaired by epileptic medication.

How memory can be affected by Meadowsweet

Recent Nootropic Discoveriesa. Recent research has established a connection between nootropics and an extract of meadowsweet. The developers of this experiment argued the meadowsweet extracts had similar brain benefits that Piracetam had. They tested this theory on mice that had an injury due to oxygen deprivation. The mice saw increased performance physically and mentally. They felt the improvements were directly related to the ingestion of meadowsweet extract.

b. There will definitely need to be more experimentation and research but it is encouraging to think that this meadowsweet extract can soon become an addition to the nootropic stacks
If we can stay aware of the constant research that is being conducted and published, we will be able to find the best combinations of these supplements possible to best suit the needs of our customers.

Also, if these supplements can help people with problems in these areas, it would be sufficient to say that if they are supplied to healthy people, the results could be better performance in the areas that were once normal. This would act to only improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

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