It may be common knowledge to you that achieving a good night sleep will provide energy for your brain when you awake. Are you aware there are different ways to keep up that energy throughout the entire day? Here are five good tips to help you feel better and stay productive the whole day.

1. Jot down nagging ideas or thoughts you may have

Tips to Maximize Your ProductivityHave you ever caught yourself thinking about a thought again and again through the whole day? They are not issues we can resolve at that moment but still we think of them. These thoughts roll around in our head wearing out our brain. They will also make you feel negative and mentally fatigued. The first method of eliminating these annoying ideas is by jotting them on paper. Another way might be keeping a diary online. Lastly, you might try utilizing your smart phone to document them. By writing down your thoughts, you might remind yourself later how you should go about fixing the situation. Fixing the nagging thought will end the repetition in your mind and allow you to regain your focus of the direct situation.

2. Make your work as simple as possible

Besides thinking about the paper that has to be written by 5 pm, try thinking about writing the introduction by ten in the morning. Then maybe write the second paragraph within an hour, the third by noon and continue until you are done. If you focus on the small increments of writing, you enable yourself to stay focused on the immediate moment. There will be less stress and worry about the entire task. You can concentrate on how much easier the smaller sections of the paper will be. This will help staying focused on your duties of the moment.

3. Work more diligent and slow

Tips to Maximize Your ProductivityWorking at a slower pace seems to go against the grain in the modern world of employment. This is a world of work as fast as you can and putt out the maximum production in your area of expertise. You are expected to do as much as possible each day and expecting as much if not more the next day. Working in this mind frame will eventually cause mistakes and exhaustion physically and mentally. The end result is deterioration of work performed and even more time fixing the situation.

Working at a slower pace with more attention to detail will raise the quality of your work. The extra time relaxes you and clears your thoughts. The end of the day’s work can be spent reflecting on how enjoyable and less stressful your life is becoming over all.

4. Reduce the visual stimuli engulfing you

Depending on a person’s attention span, things in the work area that can distract them can be very detrimental to the quality of work. There are so many things that can take the thought process of work away from you. Have you ever walked into an office or cubicle and seen photos of family or friends? Keeping your area clean of non-work items and food will keep more of your thoughts on finishing your project without interruption. There are things that you may think of that obviously breaks your focus. Take responsibility to help yourself and clean up such clutter.

5. Exercise Regularly and Take Walk Breaks at Work

Tips to Maximize Your ProductivityTake the time to exert yourself a little more through your work day. Also, reduce anxiety and stress by exercising outside of work as well. You may know the feeling I’m talking about. When you do a little extra on the weekend like mow the lawn or wash the car, you feel much better. When you are finished, you realize the effort you put forth and the satisfaction of self-worth you feel. In clinical studies conducted on walking and cognitive function, women that walked 1.5 hours or more a week had less stress and thought more clearly than those who walked less than 40 minutes a week. Women that walked three to five times a week reduce depression symptoms by almost half.

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