Basic Information: What is Focus Boost

This review of Best Brain Supplements’s Focus Boost is intended to clarify the pros and cons of the product and give potential new customers some guidance on whether to undergo a treatment with it or not. Focus Boost is a dietary supplement designed to enhance brain function, promoting, thus, mental alertness, memory acquisition and focus. Its blend of exclusive holistic herbs has as a primary goal the increase of cognitive performance and overall body energy while reducing stress. According to the product’s manufacturer, the method in which its ingredients work together guarantee a rapid result.


The all natural premium ingredients in Focus Boost were carefully mixed together to promote quick reaction and long lasting effect. The main items on its composition are:

  • Bacopa: an ayurvedic herb used for thousand of years to diminish stress and enhance memory acquisition
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: the amino acid responsible for transporting fatty acids on cellular level helps the production of acetylcholine, a molecule that works with memory retention
  • L-Theanine: a substance that facilitates the exchange of molecules in the brain, helping alleviating the negative effects of caffeine without blocking its benefits
  • Caffeine: a universally applied substance that enhances mental alertness and physical energy
  • Citicoline: this substance was proven to work on the production of gray matter and on the reconstruction of brain chemicals, promoting focus and motivation


Focus Boost can be taken as per necessity, as long as it does not exceed one capsule every four hours. The effects of the product can be felt after 20 minutes.


One bottle of Focus Boost containing 30 capsules cost $39.95. The manufacturer also offers the option of buying two bottles at the same time with a 15% discount, totalling $67.92. The best value alternative made available by Best Brain Supplements is a 90-capsules bottle at the cost of $89.89. There is no subscription services for this product.

What to Expect

It took me only 15 minutes to start feeling the impact of a single capsule of Focus Boost. The product kicks in with a rush in the brain and instantly promotes more alertness. The effect remains strong for one hour or so and from then on dissipates noticeably. In the end of a cycle it almost feels like the aftermath of an endurance race.

Keep an Eye Out

The product should not be used by children. Pregnant or lactating women and people making use of prescription medicaments should consult a physician prior to undergoing a treatment with Focus Boost. Possible side effects resulted from a misuse of this product include dizziness, insomnia, increased blood pressure and liver failure. Should any of these symptoms occur a health professional must be contacted.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Best Brain Supplements offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Any used product should be sent back to the manufacturer’s laboratory for the guarantee to take effect. Shipping and handling costs are to be covered by the client.

The Bottom Line

The effects of Focus Boost are readily noticeable and really help enhancing attention in the first hour or so. In the other hand, once the product wears out the “crash” is intense — and can be quite long lasting. That plus the fact that there are not many real feedbacks available are in the end real causes of concern.

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