Basic Information: What is BrainFire Focus & Memory Support?

This is a review for BrainFire Focus & Memory Support. This supplement combines the ample ingredients needed to assist individuals who struggle with focus and memory loss. Where energy drinks and coffee fall short, BrainFire Focus & Memory Support has the ability to actually boost brain power and help keep you focused and energetic throughout the day.


This formula is truly innovative because it uses top of the line ingredients that hit memory loss at the source.

  • DMAE Bitortate
  • Bacopin
  • Phosphatidylserind
  • Vincpocetine
  • Gingko Biloba


BrainFire has very straightforward instructions on how to properly take this supplement on a daily basis. It instructs you to take one pill every morning when you wake up. As soon as it hits your blood stream you will begin to start seeing results.


BrainFire offers three different packages for consumers to choose from. You can purchase three bottles and get two free for a total of $144.95. You can go for a smaller package and purchase two bottles and get one free for $104.97. If you want the starter package, you can purchase one bottle for $53.98.

What to Expect

You can expect powerful benefits from BrainFire such as better focus, memory, better mood, overall health, as well as boosted brain reaction. It increases blood flow to your brain which in turn creates overall increased function of the brain. The manufacturer uses ingredients that many other supplements in its genre do not use which makes it a more powerful product. Within a week of taking this supplement, you will notice a significant increase in memory and overall mind power and focus.

Keep an Eye Out

BrainFire is an all-natural product. Therefore there are many claims that state that this product has no side effects. The manufacturer also states that this supplement does not pose the same risks that a prescription medication would. According to several consumer reviews, there have not been any negative side effects thus far.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is nothing on BrainFire’s website that states that there is any type of money back guarantee or specific return policy. If this is an issue for you, you should contact customer support immediately to get your questions answered.

The Bottom Line

BrainFire has produced a product that claims to enhance your short and long-term memory and to keep you energetic all day long. The manufacturer offers a number of different options and packages which could be appealing to a consumer. There are no known side effects to taking this supplement that is known to boost brain power and energy levels.

The manufacturer states that this product is “one of a kind” and truly unique when it comes to brain enhancement supplements. There are a number of consumer claims that state that many of these ingredients are used in other supplements which makes it much like what is already on the market. With no money back guarantee or specific return policy, it may be difficult for consumers to jump on board with this supplement.

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