Basic Information: What is Cognimaxx XL

This review of the memory and focus enhancer Cognimaxx XL is aimed at helping people decide whether or not to buy the product. Informally called the “Viagra for the brain”, Cognimaxx XL promises to boost concentration by 312%, as well as a improve creative thinking and and promote overall energy increase. The product is currently available only in the United States and claims the be the #1 brain enhancer of 2014. The only place to buy it at the moment is in their official website.


Although there is no table of contents available on Cognimaxx XL’s website, independent tests show its mains ingredients as being as follows:

  • DMAE
  • Phosphatidylserine


Instructions on how to take Cognimaxx XL are not clear. The best way to do it is as per necessity: start with one a day each morning and add more to the dose (or throughout the day) if the effect is not the expected.


One bottle of Cognimaxx XL costs $49.95. The manufacturer, however, offers a free sample in the first purchased and the option of bundles with three bottles — at $119.91 — or five — $149.85 —, all sent in one free shipping.

What to Expect

Cognimaxx XL starts working almost instantly. Few minutes after taking the first capsule I felt a rush in my brain and a muscular vigour I had not experienced before. The effect, though, dissipates after a few hours and to keep the momentum going popping in another pill is mandatory. There is no information on the long term effects of this product other than the claim that it helps the ageing process of the brain by giving it better cognitive responses to the fading abilities that come with old age.

Keep an Eye Out

The crash after the effects of the product wear out can be devastating. Since it is a quick booster in cognitive capabilities, our body sometimes has difficulties in dealing with such a sudden intake of substances and needs a rest afterwards. This can cause dizziness, headaches and high blood pressure. In the long term, if used indiscriminately, Cognimaxx XL may cause a psychologic dependency.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Even though Cognimaxx XL is offered on a free trial basis for new potential clients, those who already committed themselves to a long term treatment with the product are not served with a particularly good customer service. The company is not clear about return policies and does not provide channels to be contacted.

The Bottom Line

As a cognitive enhancer Cognimaxx XL works quickly and effectively. It gives more flow to the brain, improves memory, focus and concentration and provides more energy to the body. However the lack of customer service plus the fact that there is practically no reviews of the product available on the internet makes it seem like a dodge choice. The company that makes it claims to be tested by doctors and 100% safe, so it is questionable the fact that they refuse to publish their product’s components and using directions.

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