What is Doxiderol?

This review is intended to provide information about Doxiderol. Doxiderol is a memory booster that is used to boost  cognitive skills in humans. Doxiderol is a made of natural herbs that increase the neurochemicals in the brain and by extension increase the supply of oxygen and contribute to nerve growth. Some nootropics are more fast acting and produce faster results that can be immediately seen while other nootropics take a much longer time to work and may take weeks or even months before they are noticed. Doxiderol works both ways because it improves both short term and long term memory. It is expected to give you an extra memory boost within 15 minutes of taking the capsule and then it continues assisting in improving memory over time, in other words, it is a brain supplement.


Made from natural herbs and plants such as Bacopa.  It also includes acetyl-L-Carnitine. L-Theanine, Caffeine, Vitamin B 5 and Citicoline.


After thorough research, I could not find any clear directives or instructions on how to take this product.


This product costs $ 78.64 and there is the possibility of free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

After thorough research, I could not find any information regarding possible adverse effects that could occur as a result of using this product. However, you should consult a medical practitioner before using any product. Please discontinue using this product if you experience adverse effects after using it and immediately consult a physician.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer’s offer a 90-day money back guarantee. They  require the return of any used product to receive a full refund.  If less than 80% of the bottle is returned then the refund will be adjusted accordingly. For instance, in the case of a 90 count bottle, if 72 or more pills are returned the full purchase price will be refunded.Please note shipping charges will not be refunded. In addition the shipping charge for returning the item is your responsibility.Please allow three weeks for refunds to be processed.

Bottom Line

This product works for most of the reviewers. In fact 86% of respondents gave it positive rating for its effectiveness in boosting memory and concentration. It comes with a warranty and a full return/refund policy which is good for consumers. However, it did not work in all cases and there were persons who saw no effect. A reviewer who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder  gave it thumbs down and it is rather expensive.

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