Basic Information: What is Cebrexis?

This is a review for MaleMax Brands Cebrexis. It is an all-natural supplement that assists in the loss of memory while also improving overall cognition and function of the brain. This product is formulized specially for older individuals who are suffering from minor memory loss. Cebrexis has a lasting effecting on cognition and memory enhancement.


There is only one active ingredient in Cebrexis the rest of the ingredients are inactive.

  • Gingko biloba extract 120mg (ginko biloba, 24% flavone glycosides, 6% terpene lactones)
  • Rice flour (Inactive)
  • Gelatin (Inactive)
  • Magnesium stearate (Inactive)
  • Silicon dioxide (Inactive)


According to the label on Cebrexis the serving size is one capsule and you should take 3 capsules in the morning daily to improve memory and concentration throughout the day.


Cebrexis is listed on their website as being $19.95 per bottle. It can also be purchased via and other outlets for the same price.

What to Expect

When you take Celbrexis you should expect to feel alert all day long and notice a significant increase in memory soon after the first dose. It is all-natural and a safe alternative to prescription medications that have similar functions. People who are falling behind in classes or having trouble concentrating at work experience a greater range of memory and concentration that they would have never experienced otherwise. You can expect to see results within the first dose.

Keep an Eye Out

Cebrexis contains ginkgo biloba which can cause some people significant side effects. Some people who take ginkgo biloba can experience issues such as dizziness, diarrhea, headache, gas, upset stomach, constipation, allergic skin reactions, irregular heartbeat and nausea. If you are allergic to ginkgo biloba it would be wise not to take this product. At any time if you are experiencing these particular side effects, you should call your doctor right away.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

According to the website as well as extensive research, a money back guarantee or return policy for Cebrexis could not be located. It would be wise to contact customer service to make sure you are aware of the return policy as well as any guarantees regarding this product.

The Bottom Line

Cebrexis is an effective product when it comes to the improvement of focus and memory. It also enhances blood circulation and keeps free radicals neutralized. Since it is an all-natural supplement, there are very few side effects involved. It is herbal so you do not need to obtain a prescription to help improve your memory and overall function of the brain.

One of the downfalls to this product is that it contains Gingko Biloba which some people have allergies to. Use with extreme caution if you are one of these people. There was no information to be found in regards to a money back guarantee or any specific return policies. This indicates a lack of confidence in the product and could very well turn consumers away from a possible purchase.

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