Basic Information: What is Brain Awakening

This review will provide a brief overview of Redd Remedies’s cognitive enhancer Brain Awakening and hopefully help other customers decide whether or not to use it. Brain Awakening is a supplement that works with short- and long-term memory and promote a better balance of substances in the body by shifting the levels of magnesium in the blood. This is achieved by an exclusive form of the chemical element called Magtein, which has in its composition features that facilitate its transportation between different tissues. The product is available through the manufacturer’s website and in other online outlets.


The main ingredient in Brain Awakening is, as it was cited above, the Magtein. According to Redd Remedies this is the only form of magnesium that easily accesses the brain. Other components of the product are:

  • Amla (Phyllantus emblica), which avoids damage to the brain caused be free-radicals
  • Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body (Hericium erinaceus), which helps the growth factor of the nerve
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • magnesium stearate
  • silicon dioxide
  • vegetarian capsule


The suggested dosage of Brain Awakening is four capsules per day divided in two intakes (two in the morning and two before bed). There are no indication of use exclusive for children or adolescents.


Redd Remedies sells its Brain Awakening on their website for $58.99. Each bottles comes with 120 gluten-free, vegetarian-suitable capsules. The shipping is free for any order over $75. There are no subscription plans or bundle offers.

What to Expect

It takes a few days for this product to start working in your cognitive responses. For the first week or two I felt little to no improvement, and after this there was a small but noticeable increase in speed on my thoughts. The “fog” cleared a bit, but it takes much more than that to get rid of it completely.

Keep an Eye Out

Due to its high dose of magnesium Brain Awakening can cause renal insufficiency. People with weakened or damaged kidneys should avoid this product. Other possible side effects include: sweating, hypo tension, circulatory collapse, flaccid paralysis and more.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Redd Remedies does not offer any obvious kind of return policy, a move that puts a question mark on their commitment to the product. Unbiased reviews are also hard to find on the internet, so it is unclear if there is official support at all to Brain Awakening.

The Bottom Line

While in one hand Brain Awakening offers an intriguing way to regulate the levels of magnesium in the brain with its exclusive Magtein — which supposedly helps the optimisation of short- and long-term memories and the enhancement of cognitive funtions —, on the other the lack of support offered by its manufacturer can be a little distressing. Not everyone is aware of their renal problems and not being able to return the product should a problem arise is dangerous.

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